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2 years ago



This story is the second time cuck Marianne and her husband David jizzhut sissy. I said I was over his house back in exactly one week for the first jizzhut time Marianne fucked in front of David. I ordered him to wear leather boots, jizzhut leather crotchless panties and bra tied leather and hair on my head. She was with David in a short pink, fuzzy see-through nightie, dress differently. I loved him in the same position he was before me at home during the week, being on all fours, head down. was about July 00 of the clock and went to Sissy was David was on all fours in the living room and Marianne on the couch. He stood now, when I crawl back in. David asked me his head fell to the ground. I reached into a paper bag, I removed the collar and leash it had the week before using. After having his neck, said, " heel", and walked with him up the ladder with his hands and kneesFirst in his bedroom, according to Marianne. I tied the strap to the door of the room and made David "feel. " took Marianne to me and started kissing passionately on the lips and neck. I turned and kissed her neck and reached across the front of her and rubbed her nipples through her ​​bra leather. Marianne has always been, as he had no sexual attraction for the whole week. I looked at David and I could see her little pink nightgown difficult by the pure being. Do not touch it until I told him to jizzhut do so. I bent down and touched her wet pussy Marianne. I put two, then three fingers on his finger and took it for several minutes before, licking the feet of David, and with it my finger. I told David to his feet. He then ordered to undress, so I could fuck his wife. With trembling hands that were unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He knelt and took off my shoes and socks andsitting position, which reached out and opened my pants and took off. He raised his hand and pulled my underwear, put on the front of the line hard, straight. After removing my underwear David came and touched my cock. I hit him as hard as I could and said, "No one touches my dick, I tell them to lay on your belly !" David became obedient. Marianne told to come to us and I pulled the strap of my pants and told her to 25 lashes for her husband cuck to manage in the ass. In haste, grabbed the belt and pulled her nightgown. He beat his ass harder than I expected. David cried out with each stroke. He said he left to mourn and Marianne. "Shut up bitch" She was really into it. Big red bumps appeared in David 's jizzhut ass immediately. He stood with his face buried in the carpet to mourn. went to David and made him sit down again. "Stop looking at me mourn and fuck your wife!" I went to bed and pulled the blanketout and laid on the floor at the foot of the bed. Marianne grabbed her and pushed down on the blanket and began to lick her pussy. She was so wet now my face was covered in her juices. Marianne got the hips and pushed her pussy on my face. Groans came from his mouth in quick succession. David was sobbing at the door. I'm on my knees, legs, Marianne fell on his head and began to soak her pussy jizzhut with my hard cock pounds. She begged me to fuck her hard. Within minutes, she screamed and announced that he was running. I moved from Marianne and got on all jizzhut fours. I went to David and brought him with a strap on his ass. ".. Rim her ass ready for my cock " began to David saying, " I do not like -" I slapped him and told him to lick her mouth to stop and start. Marianne got ass all, I find the language of David. I reached into my pocket and pulled out two points. He told me to stop David and JanJanne above. I have asked David to put face down on the roof. He gave me a strap on jizzhut dildo Marianne and told him to put on it. "Really ?" 'I asked. Slapped him and told him I ask, put into it. With tears in her eyes that she obeyed. I gave him
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